Welcome to JR Consulting

John Rasic Consulting (JRC) provides soil surveying, soil amelioration and land resource assessment services. Our main focus is on delivering practical solutions to existing and potential soil problems associated with particular land use, and providing programs for the ongoing management of soils for productive, income-generating purposes.

Our mission is to provide high-quality technical information that can guide rational decision-making and help you to achieve your goals. In doing so, we embrace the following values:

Knowledge is power and our aim is to be leaders the industry, not follow. The key emphasis is on providing you with the right information the first time round.
We are committed to excellence by seeking the best practices, maintaining the highest professional standards and fulfilling our obligations on time.
Freedom comes at a price, but we tell you the whole story and do not hide the “bad news”, as we are absolutely independent and free of any commercial ties.
Some may know how; we prefer to show how and let the results speak for themselves. Nevertheless, we do not know all the answers and appreciate genuine expertise of others and team up with them where appropriate.
We believe that everyone has something to offer and it must be treated with the utmost professional respect and courtesy regardless of differences, titles, positions or other types of distinctions. Together, we can make the difference.

If these principles fit your criteria, please contact us to discuss or schedule your soil needs, so that we can start to roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

However, before you make such a move, we encourage you to consider certain “realities” associated with soil surveying, amelioration, sustainable land use and management that can save you lots of headache.

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