After Handover

Contrary to popular believe, the handover of soil survey information does not mean the job is done. It is only the first step to a sustainable land use and management program. The second step is to develop and implement a post-survey support plan to ensure that the necessary soil treatments are fully and correctly implemented, as handed-over information alone does not guarantee you success.

Thus, support plan is as important as a soil survey per se, because experience has shown that crop failure is more related to ignorance, misunderstanding, incompletion or incorrect application of soil survey recommendations than to all other cropping factors together. In addition:

Obviously, sustainable and profitable land use and management is not that simple. If, land users are unaware of such a situation, they invest heavily to only consistently produce low or alternating yields at a high running cost regardless of ample of fertilisers, expensive state of the art irrigation systems and fancy machinery that is already in place. In most cases, the problem for such a situation is not the irrigation system, fertilisers and machinery, but a luck of understanding of soil, inappropriate land preparation and poor management. However, nobody knows your soils better than your surveyor who should be there to:

A post-survey support plan is an ongoing commitment that is actually the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to get the job done by specification. It can save you lots of headache associated with crops failure, expensive experimentation, reremediation, reinstallation, replanting and bad publicity.