Customer Testimonials

Apart from John’s technical skill and soil knowledge John Rasic is a passionate and fearlessly honest person. Having worked in the field with John I quickly realised that not only is John a highly intelligent individual but is also extremely diligent, hard working and honest in providing information regarding to the soil make up. John has an engaging personality with a strong character.

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David Crawford
Managing Director
CMV Farms Pty Ltd

Being on the boundary between soil surveying, soil amelioration and civil engineering, John offers a unique and very valuable set of skills to clients. He also understands the need for outside assistance on some jobs. John appreciates genuine expertise in others and teams up with them where appropriate.

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Dr David McKenzie
McKenzie Soil Management Pty. Ltd.
Orange NSW 2800

I found John to be dedicated to undertaking his work, even under extremely difficult circumstances he was faced with at the survey camps. Despite the significant challenges involved he was able to keep the field team working at a good rate. He completed the mapping required during his missions and contributed well to the overall running of the field operations.

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W.M. Porter
Project Manager
GRM International

John’s reports, together with comprehensive recommendations for soil preparation and amelioration, are highly valued by me, site managers and contractors for their detail and practical applicability and his series of soils maps are continually referred subsequently in on-going management of operations.
I have always found John to be passionate, dedicated and diligent and his qualifications, knowledge of and expertise in his field, and attention to detail are second to none. He is always responsive to his clients and ensures that, often very tight, schedules are met.
John is highly regarded in Australia as one of the foremost authorities on soil science in relation to horticultural activities. He pioneered analytical and mapping techniques that have now become the industry standard.

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Professor Robyn M. Wood
Strategic Professor of Innovative Viniculture
National Wine and Grape Industry Centre
Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga

I have known John Rasic for over a decade and he was always the soil surveyor of choice for my business. We run over 1,000 hectares of vineyard throughout Australia and after our first assignment with John we realised that he could be of enormous assistance to our business in both new developments and also assessing issues with existing vineyards. John’s work was invaluable and all the staff got to know and respect John both as a soil scientist and as a colleague.

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Ron Collins
Blaxland Vineyards Limited

John has the ability and character required to manage relationships with external stakeholders, including local government, as well as with field crews and contractors. He has managed many such projects in the past and his reputation as a Soil Surveyor is of a straight-talking professional who gets the job done.

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Rod Davies
MSc, BSc(Hons)